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Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads are a great way to get targeted traffic from the search engines.

Instead of waiting for your pages to get indexed (listed) on the search engines, you can pay sites like Google and Yahoo (and many other smaller search engines) to place your ads on pages when people select the keywords you are bidding on.

Getting started is easy. You can set up your Adwords account or your Yahoo Search account and then start promoting Super Immunity.

Always start your campaign by testing keywords that are relevant to the product you are promoting…in this case Super Immunity. Once the campaign is underway, you’ll want yo constantly evaluate to see which keywords and which ads are performing well. Keep these ads and keywords and discard the ones that aren't doing well.

You can measure these by their “click thru rate” (the number of people who click on your ad, relative to the number of people who have seen it) and their conversion rate (the number of people who buy, based on the number of people who clicked thru. )

VALUABLE TIP: If you want to increase your click thru rate, it is important that your ads are relevant to what people are looking for when they type in the keyword you are targeting. It also helps to have the keywords appear in the title or the text of your ad.

Evaluating keywords is also a good way to make your campaigns more efficient. Using keywords that show a strong propensity to convert to sales is key to a successful campaign… and to boosting profitability. Clickbank even offers some tools to help track your conversions.

Here are some sample PPC ads to get you started. You can use these as they are, or you can make your own ads.

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VALUABLE TIP: Always start off with more than one ad. Having 3 or 4 ads to start is good. This way you can see which ones get the best response and then test and track to refine your Pay Per Click marketing even more. If you constantly test your ads you will quickly find the ones that perform best. Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing make this process easy.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the links in the reviews contain your Clickbank hoplink so you will get credited for the sales. Without your Clickbank hoplink, there's no way the sale will be tracked as yours.